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Category : Wild Stories

22 Mar 2021

Artists of the Savannah

Chapter – TO THE MOST ARTISTIC CAT I KNOW AND TO ALL VISUAL ARTISTS | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 5 | BIG CATS | This is for the most artistic cat I know and for every visual artist out there, but before we get there, a little digress, (Right at the beginning of the story, I know, I know!) I promise it will be worth it. I think we can all agree that modern technology has made it extremely easy for people […]

28 Feb 2021


Daytime Stalkers | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 4 | Big Cats | When you look at Cheetah stats; – Fastest Animal on earth. 0-60mph in 3 seconds. You would think invincible right? Do you know how you have difficulties in life? That does not only happen to humans. Mother Earth provides for all of us but every single species has to go head to head with the battle for survival. Just as nothing great is ever handed to any human, meals for […]

21 Feb 2021


Chapter – Riding MILDRED from Nairobi-Laikipia-Isiolo-Turkana-Chalbi Desert-Nyahururu-Bogoria-Naivasha and back | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 3 | UNTOLD STORIES Ep 1/2 | Lately, I have found myself in battle with the art creation side of my soul. I have been haunted by the number of stories that don’t see the light of day. Sometimes these stories are just ordinary stories of ordinary people living their lives. That might seem boring but those stories are unique to them and are as important as […]

14 Feb 2021


CHAPTER 1 AMBOSELI | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 2 | KENYA IS PARADISE Ep 1| Hello my Wild friends, storytime!! I have cast quite a wide net on the selection of the second story!! It’s a story I hold dear to my heart. We will tackle it in chapters as part of a series that proves my theory; Kenya is Paradise 😊😊 Land of controversy if you are into politics for sure BUT I want us to concentrate on its natural […]