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Category : Kenya Is Paradise

22 Mar 2021

Artists of the Savannah

Chapter – TO THE MOST ARTISTIC CAT I KNOW AND TO ALL VISUAL ARTISTS | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 5 | BIG CATS | This is for the most artistic cat I know and for every visual artist out there, but before we get there, a little digress, (Right at the beginning of the story, I know, I know!) I promise it will be worth it. I think we can all agree that modern technology has made it extremely easy for people […]

14 Feb 2021


CHAPTER 1 AMBOSELI | 2021 Wild Stories Ep 2 | KENYA IS PARADISE Ep 1| Hello my Wild friends, storytime!! I have cast quite a wide net on the selection of the second story!! It’s a story I hold dear to my heart. We will tackle it in chapters as part of a series that proves my theory; Kenya is Paradise 😊😊 Land of controversy if you are into politics for sure BUT I want us to concentrate on its natural […]