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30 Jan 2019
Silhouette of ClementWild at sunset with a drone and the new moon

Spirit of Adventure

Everyone has something that fills their heart. That drives them. That fills that void that nothing else can fill. Its a bit different for creatives as everything we feel is extremely amplified. We love what we do and do everything with immeasurable passion. As time goes by, our wonderful world can get heavy, the city lights don’t seem to brighten our nights. We feel empty and start to crave for an escape.  Different people have different ways of dealing with […]

05 Apr 2018
Silhouette of Wildlife photographer Clement Kiragu holding up a cocktail glass on a boat on the Zambezi river in Zambia


Africa’s Photographer of the Year 2017 – When I was starting out in Photography, I did not seem to find any mentorship and believe me I REALLY contacted many Photographers. I always got the polite “no” or some just went quiet. This led me to immerse myself into deep research and practice. That meant a lot of trial and error. I kept reaching out to Photographers even out of my country and I wanted to know how they achieved what […]

26 Sep 2017
Winning image of cheetahs hunting wildebeest as captured by Africa's Photographer of the year 2017 Clement Kiragu

Big Cat Behavior – The Take Down

When I started photographing wildlife about 3 years ago, I always thought of cheetahs as very shy cats. They fit the narrative, because I had watched many wildlife films showcasing them hunt. The methodology was the same, they stalked, got as close as possible and then made their lightning 30-second sprint to the unsuspecting prey, and it worked, with cheetahs having a 50% success rate. During my latest trip to Mara, my intention was to observe these cheetahs. But not […]

27 Jul 2016


Hello wildlife lovers, as promised, i will keep giving you regular updates on The Great Wildebeest Migration. If you missed my June post, you can have a look at it HERE I heard some rumour about tourists not witnessing The Great Wildebeest Migration when they got to Masai Mara this year. I don’t know how true that is or why they were disappointed, but i can assure you; the migration is happening. Not only is it happening, its action packed […]

26 Jul 2016
3 topis at sunset facing same direction as captured by wildlife photographer Clement Kiragu

Wildlife Photographers – Rare Moments

As Wildlife Photographers, we are always looking for something extra. That special moment that hasn’t been photographed before. We are always on the chase for good light and a spectacular subject to photograph. Often this combination is almost impossible to get. One time you will get the good light and your subject is asleep, or your subject is active, playing and stretching. But the light source which is the sun too harsh and horrible. Getting the dynamic right gets very […]

11 Jul 2016


Its that time of the year! Yet again, the Migration Season is upon us. Millions of wildebeests and Zebras have started to flood the Mara plains in preparation for one of the wonders of the world. For all tourist travelling down to Kenya for this, this is good news! For hobbyists and professional photographers, this is great news. Have a look at the scenes below that I took between 19th and 25th of June 2016. Animal Behaviour As a wildlife […]

14 Apr 2016


“Big Cats” is the informal term used to refer to the largest members of the Panthera Genus. I find cats extremely fascinating! I literally sit with them for hours to just watch and study their behavior. If it came down to it and I had to specialize in photographing only one species, this would be it. Survival If you spend enough time with any animal, you begin to understand their struggles and what they do to survive. A lot of people […]

18 Mar 2016
Silhouette of two Zebras playing in golden light as captured by wildlife photographer and tour leader ClementWild


What are Guided Photographic Safaris? Photographic Safaris are basically Safaris by experienced Wildlife Photographers. Its a service targeted for wildlife photographers, photography enthusiasts, and wildlife lovers. Photographic Safaris are here to change the way you see and photograph wildlife. We don’t do the norm, which is pack a van to capacity, whizz through the park in full speed “looking for action” and when you do find something amazing, you only watch it from a mile away or for a few […]

08 Jan 2016


Happy New year wildlife enthusiasts, as we start this year, I would like to recap on the year that was 2015. It was a great year for my wildlife photography. I saw a lot of growth in myself, my images featured in many platforms and I got to sell lots of my images around the world. If you would like to purchase any of my photographs you can do so by visiting the link or by emaling me When […]

01 Dec 2015

The Story of Lorain and her lost cub

The Leopard. (Panthera pardus) is one of the five BIG CATS. They are elusive, solitary and largely nocturnal. In the classical era a leopard was believed to be a hybrid of a lion and a panther, as is reflected in its name. The Leopard owes its huge hunting success to its well camouflaged fur, remarkable vision, exceptional hearing, good sense of smell, its opportunistic hunting behavior, broad diet, strength to move heavy carcasses into trees and its ability to adapt to various habitats to mention […]

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