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[section_title align=”center” text=”WHAT ARE WE ABOUT?”]

Capturing a perfect life moment is art. We aim to be on the edge of this pursuit. BoyOnTheLedge aims at turning your moments of achievement, togetherness and joy into lifetime memories. We aim at capturing your moments as they are meant to be remembered; in the most aesthetically correct and flattering manner. We promise to try until we find the perfect representation of your dream.

[section_title align=”center” text=”FUN FACTS”]


[fun_fact icon=”smiley” text=”150+ HAPPY CLIENTS”]

[fun_fact icon=”adult” text=”4000 PORTRAIT SHOOTS”]

[fun_fact icon=”tree” text=”10000 NATURE SHOOTS”]

[fun_fact icon=”camera-outline” text=”50000 SHOTS CAPTURED”]

[fun_fact icon=”location-outline” text=”20┬áDESTINATIONS VISITED”]

[fun_fact icon=”coffee” text=”120000 MIMOSAS┬áDRUNK”]


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