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Category : Travel

30 Jan 2019
ClementWild, Clement Kiragu, Wildlife Photography, Photographic Safaris, Drone Photography


Everyone has something that fills their heart, that drives them, that fills that void that nothing else can fill. Its a bit different for creatives as everything we feel is extremely amplified. We love what we do and do everything with immeasurable passion. As time goes by, our wonderful world can get heavy, the city lights don’t seem to brighten our nights. We feel empty and start to crave for an escape.  Different people have different ways of dealing with […]

05 Apr 2018
Clement Kiragu - Photographer of the year 2017 - Wildlife Photography


When I was starting out in Photography, I did not seem to find any mentorship and believe me I REALLY contacted many Photographers. I always got the polite “no” or some just went quiet. This led me to immerse myself into deep research and practice. That meant a lot of trial and error. I kept reaching out to Photographers even out of my country and I wanted to know how they achieved what they had. One of the most common […]

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