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Hello wildlife lovers, as promised, i will keep giving you regular updates on the Great migration. If you missed my June post, you can have a look at it HERE

I heard some rumour about tourists not witnessing the migration when they got to Masai Mara this year. I don’t know how true that is or why they were disappointed, but i can assure you; the migration is happening. Not only is it happening, its action packed as always.

Though my main focus of last week’s trip to Mara wasn’t the actual crossing, i was able to witness a lot of action in just one day. I counted over 15 crocodile hunts and a lot of drama as the grazers took the leap of faith.

As i mentioned in my last post, how you travel to the wild has a huge impact on your trip. Read more about Photographic Safari with ClementWild .

Here are some photos i was able to take on that day (19th of July 2016)


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