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“Big Cats” is the informal term used to refer to the largest members of the Panthera Genus.

I find cats extremely fascinating! I literally sit with them for hours to just watch and study their behavior. If it came down to it and I had to specialize in photographing only one species, this would be it.

If you spend enough time with any animal, you begin to understand their struggles and what they do to survive. A lot of people think big cats have it easy. Their chances of survival to adulthood are actually extremely low. You can find more info on this on a journal I wrote about The Kings of Mara . While on this topic, it pains me that after overcoming all those hardships big cats face, our KWS can shoot dead a full grown lion and leave his pride defenseless. It’s a sickening act from the people we entrust to take care of our wild animals.

As many of you know, I went full time on photography this year and started doing Photographic Safaris as well. My very first trip HAD to be on BIG CATS. In the Mara, January – February is the best time to photograph big cats so I packed my bags and embarked on a seven-day safari with one thing in mind… Spend time with cats. I was able to witness lots of amazing things.

Top of the list, my favorite cheetah “Malaika” successfully hunt, got to see a very young nomad excited to raise his first batch of cubs. It’s simply amazing to see the soft side of big cats. I also got to spend time with some of Maras baddest boys “Notch boys”

When all said and done, it’s important to remember and appreciate our Flora and Fauna, the splendor that is our country. Every sunrise in #WildKenya is amazing, always different, and always shinning bright rays of light to our wildlife every single morning. I think this is the reason am always excited while on a safari, there is a renewed sense of hope, I am up by 4am every morning, my gear set, charged and ready to see what the new day will bring.

When the day is done, you need a warm shower, a delicious warm meal and a comfy bed. During my February safari, I stayed at the Matira Camp , one of Maasai Maras’ tented camps. They were excellent hosts and checked all the boxes for excellent service. The chef and staff are extremely polite and take good care of their clients. Thank you guys!

If you would like to experience this side of Kenya, send an email to Lets Safari together!

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